I had been gently called to birth work for years before finally listening to the whispers of my heart. After the very long (40 hours), yet triumphant, home birth of my first child, my daughter, where I was surrounded by a team, nay family, of people who trusted my body and trusted birth so deeply, and followed just 3 months later by the traumatic birth of my best friend’s daughter, I knew it was time. I signed up for my DONA training a couple weeks later knowing that this was the missing piece in the puzzle for me. I feel deeply that all women deserve to feel powerful, triumphant, educated and loved while they birth their babies. I want to know that anyone under my care will never feel like things just happen to them or their babies, but that choice and love is behind every breath of their birth experience, even when things don’t go as planned. I’m a DONA International Certified Doula CD(DONA) as well as a professional member of Evidence Based Birth and strive to bring the very best in resources and education along with my years of experience as a doula, bodyworker and yoga teacher to each unique birth. 

Birth Photography

I photograph births because women deserve to be able to look back and see themselves in the moment that they walked bravely and boldly (and sometimes a little nervously) into the fire of their labors, and see the times that they reached out to their loved ones for support and then emerged from the flames of that deep love as a new-made mother. That sacred transformation should be documented, as it is the most powerful thing in the world. Whether it’s your first baby or any baby thereafter, each time a baby is born, a mother and a family are recreated. I have photographed births in all settings and am a Birth Becomes Her Certified Birth Photographer. I would love to document your birth and your unique family.

Birth Photography is not just about that “moment of Birth” picture. It is about the connections between loved ones, the first skin to skin, the first latch, the way a man looks into the eye’s of the woman he loves as she works to bring their baby into the world, the first time a dad touches his newborn baby, capturing the reactions of siblings or other family  members as they meet their newest family member, the raw strength on a mama’s face as she faces the strength of a surge, and so so much more. 

Family and Mothering Photography

The moments that I am most passionate about capturing are those candid moments.. those ones that seem to slip away with the sands of time. Those times you nurse your baby and snuggle your toddler on the couch at the same time. The sleepy Sunday mornings when you bake banana bread together or play some fun game. That precious week after your baby is born and they were still so tiny and you are still figuring it all. I want to these to be the photos that you treasure for your entire life, but that are beautiful enough to be hung on your wall. Your life is beautiful without posing or the perfect makeup. Let me show you!

Fresh 48 Photography- $300 

This session is done anytime in the first week after a baby is born. These can be done in your home or in the hospital before you are discharged should you prefer. This session includes 1-2 hours of shooting 25-35 beautiful hand-edited images all delivered via online gallery as well as your own personalized “app” for your phone so that you can have them saved there as well. With these sessions I look to capture all the fresh newness of your lives together, as well as all of your baby’s little details. 

Candid Family Storytelling- $350

Family stories are my favorite outside of birth photography and can be for families at ANY stage, not just those with babies! Your family life deserves to be captured. All the details of your personalities, the way you look at each other, those moments of laughter or the way your child looks while they are concentrating really hard, or the way you wipe away a tear. This session happens in your home, and sometimes also at a location outside the home and lasts 2.5 hours. You will get a 50 image online gallery that captures the life of your family in this moment! 

Mothering/Nursing Photography- $150 

This session is all about the mother/baby relationship. It’s about snuggling and closeness and nourishment in so many forms. The way your baby looks at you while they nurse, the snuggles, the way you touch their hair or their toes. It’s a way to celebrate the special way you nourish your children, celebrate nursing milestones, or just document the beautiful way you are with your baby/children. This session happens in your home and includes 15 images in both an on-line gallery as well as an “app” for your phone so you can look at the gorgeous mother you are at any time!