When a Family Moves...

If you know me and my work, you know that I'm NOT a #familyphotographer AT. ALL. At least not the type that we are used to seeing. I take pictures of families as they are coming into their new existence. I don't do posed. Heck, I rarely have people dressed in my pictures. But sometimes, you've gotta break your own rules.

This mama, C, reached out to me after following my social account and said that she loved my work and wanted me to come and capture her and her 6 kids in the home that they had been living in for quite some time but were now leaving. This home was very special to them and she wanted the life of that home and what they'd created there captured. No posed pictures, nothing stuffy. Her youngest kid is 5. How could I say "no"?

Well I didn't! And here is what we created. I hope she cherishes these for a lifetime and beyond. I did my best to capture the essence of each of her children's unique spirit during my time with them. Have a peek!


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