The Surprise Breech Homebirth of Baby Deklan: Birth Photography and Doula in Phoenix AZ

This mama and I connected right away over our love of yoga and Game of Thrones. She was pregnant with her first baby and had already hired her homebirth midwife who I happen to know well and have worked with on numerous occasions.

She had an uneventful pregnancy. She stayed healthy, walked a lot, did a lot of yoga, and saw her chiropractor regularly. Everything was going great.

Then one night right at 39 weeks, she calls me to let me know her water broke! Yay! I tell her to go to bed and get as much sleep as she can before contractions start. I got all my stuff ready and went to sleep myself expecting full well to get a call around midnight that it was time to head over.

Nope. Nothing. Full-night's sleep. Weird. We chat in the morning and she decides to go on her normal walk and then some prenatal yoga and then go see her chiropractor. We thought we may have an Occiput Posterior (OP) baby on our hands and that it might be why her contractions hadn't started. She also went to see the backup midwife for an office appointment to listen to baby to make sure "it" sounded good (we didn't know the sex). All was good, except no labor.

At about 7pm I headed over to do some doula tricks to see if we could get things moving along and she drank a special shake to help try to get things moving. By 10pm we were rocking and rolling and everything seemed to be falling into place.

Her sweet fur babies were such a support to her during her labor, including this sweet kitten

While mama labored, dad helped by blowing up the birth tub, first with the pump, and then the old fashioned way!

Her mom and step son also helped!

Her chiropractor even made a late night house call to help us with what we thought was a persistent OP baby

She labored so beautifully, her husband checking in from time to time...

At this point labor was very active but this strong mama completely turned inward and surrendered to the work of labor. She kept her eyes closed almost from this point onward...

Her sweet dog didn't want to leave her side the whole time

She even held his paw for a while

She was so close to getting into the tub, but it was pretty good to use to lean over too! Hip pressure was the name of the game

A brief moment when her eyes opened but it looked like she was looking into her soul, finding her strength to keep moving forward

Ah! The sweet relief of being in the water

Her mom got put on water duty and was so helpful

Her other pup didn't move from that spot on the carpet even after baby was born...

Birth is such hard work but she made it look so simple...

The midwives hands patiently waiting, her husband giving her that much needed support on her back

"then the woman leaves her body and travels to the stars to fetch the soul of her baby..."

She's listening to her body which is asking her to push

About 30 seconds before this we realized this baby was coming out butt first. The birth team remained calm and hands off, as is correct for this type of birth

He's unfolding his legs and getting ready to bring his arms out..

with a single push his head is out!

This is the first time she opened her eyes! She still had no idea that she'd delivered her baby breeh

Nothing like the feeling of holding your sweet baby on your chest!!

Checking to see if she just gave birth to a boy or a girl!

Her mom was very excited that she was right!

This pup literally leapt off the bed when the baby first cried and had to be held back. Here he is getting his first sniff of his new charge

His cute breech toes were my total undoing

The placenta still inside and the cord now done and white against mom's skin while still attached to baby...

This baby was alert and ready to nurse!

Daddy's hand...

My obligatory foot shot.. It happens at almost all the birth I go to.

And now some skin to skin with Dad!

This birth was everything a birth should be. Quiet, respectful, empowering. There was never any emergency. Yes, us 4 birth workers definitely perked up at 3am when we realized what we thought was a crown was indeed not, but mama didn't even realize that baby was breech until after he'd been born and we told her because at the time she was doing amazing. She was in her zone and she, her body, and her baby were trusted to do what was needed. Thank you Kathryn for allowing me into your birth space, for choosing me as your doula and for allowing me to capture your beautiful and inspiring birth!


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