The Birth of Daniel, a Natural Hospital VBAC

Midwife attended VBAC in Phoenix AZ at Banner University Medical Center

This lovely couple had just moved to Phoenix when they hired me to be their doula. They were about half way through their pregnancy but knew they wanted a different experience from their previous two births which had happened at military hospitals in different parts of the country. Her first birth was a cesarean birth for breech presentation and her second was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and while she had that successful VBAC she felt that there was a LOT of room for improvement.

They quickly decided to work with Michelle Davis CNM at MOGA Midwives and to deliver at Banner University Medical Center. She is one of my favorite hospital providers so I knew that we were off to a good start!

I got a call on Wednesday night after she had come in for an induction massage with me, chiropractic adjustment and a sweep of membranes from her midwife. She was abut 41 weeks along and very done being pregnant. She said that the cramping she'd had all day was definitely turning into contractions but that they were still very manageable and she was going to go to bed and try to sleep for as long as possible. We agreed to stay in touch and that I would also go to sleep but would come as soon as I was needed. Much to my surprise I got to sleep until 5:30am!! I woke to my phone ringing and Emily's husband saying that her water had broken suddenly after they had mostly slept off and on through the night but things were happening fast now! We agreed to just meet at the hospital since it was quite a drive for them.

I called their midwife and updated her and said we'd see her at check-in.

I arrived at the hospital first so waited by the door for them then greeted her midwife when she arrived as well. It was clear when she got out that she was very close to having her baby. She got out of the car and we walked to triage. They checked her and she was almost completely dilated so they immediately wheeled her back to a room.

I encouraged her to get onto her hands and knees on the bed and adjusted it as she was feeling pushy. She had torn with her second baby and wanted to avoid that so this position was optimal for that and it allowed gravity to do a lot of the work for her. Almost immediately, baby was crowning. No coached pushing, no one yelling at her to get on her back. This midwife loves catching babies this way and was super encouraging.

Love that little hand holding the midwife's hand as he comes out!

You can see how he has rotated now to allow his shoulders to be born!

Check out that beautiful cord! Also this baby came out a little bloody, but also coated in vernix so the midwife wiped off the blood quickly but left the vernix there as she passed the baby to mom

The midwife, Michelle, quickly handed the baby back up through mama's legs so she could hold her perfect baby boy!

The look on dad's face, a super tough Army guy, absolutely melts me!

Mom taking in her baby boy for the first time! There's nothing quite like the first time you see your baby for the first time

After helping mom onto her back and waiting about 10 minutes, dad was ready to cut the cord. Notice how thin and white it is compared to at birth

Mostly cleaned up, hat on, and mom getting to soak up her sweet baby boy

So after about an hour of snuggles with mom, initial breastfeeding done, they called the nurse back in to do weights and measures etc. I encourage all dads to go do the first diaper and to talk to their baby during this process. It helps to keep them calm and then gives dads an opportunity to snuggle with their babies too!

Her biggest baby and easiest birth at 7lbs 14oz! Big babies don't mean difficult births

How sweet is this guy!? The hat marks in the vernix still present on his head kill me! So cute. Also he had the blondest hair you've ever seen. It was basically white

I encourage dads to be involved! There's no reason why you can't be the one to carry baby back to mom or do baby's first diaper or get skin to skin time during the golden hours!!

And now dad hands his baby back to mom so she can get back to nursing her sweet newborn baby. These two were just over the moon with how this birth went. It was calm, it was supported, almost no tearing, no one telling them what they could or couldn't do. It was fast, it was beautiful and it was just what they wanted!

Congratulations! Daniel is so perfect!


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