Phoenix AZ Birth Photographer/Videographer: The homebirth of Baby Elio

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

This birth is such a special one for me.. Well, they all are, but this one for some different reasons. This mama and I actually studied Theater together at the University of Southern California. She was my bestie's roommate for a bit and while we were never close friends, I always appreciated her spirit and talent. After college we went on our separate ways. I honestly completely lost track of her for a time, but a few years ago, that same bestie mentioned that Stacey, like me, had become a yoga teacher and was now doing birth work! What are the odds!? So we started following eachother first on Facebook and then on IG. I loved her work and enjoyed reading her perspective on things. She lived in TX when she announced her pregnancy, but moved to Tuscon a handful of months before her due date. Well, to my complete joy and surprise she asked me to come document the birth of her first born! I could not have been more excited. Tuscon isn't such a drive for me so we figured that as a first time mom, it would work out just fine. Toward the end of her pregnancy I got to shine a little doula magic on the situation as her Tuscon-based homebirth midwife fired her for reasons that are not reasons to fire a homebirth client and Stacey was left in a lurch... Abandon her dreams of a homebirth and birth in a hospital or find a new midwife ASAP! I called around and found her some options and so all of a sudden she had a full Phoenix-based birth team coming and I knew it would be magical!

At 41 weeks and 4 days I got the call at about 6am that she was feeling crampy and that she thought that today was the day! By 6:30am she texted me to tell me that the cramps were turning into contractions and it was definitely started. At 8am we decided it was time for me to head to Tuscon. I jumped in the car with all my gear and enjoyed some peace and quiet as I made my way down to their home. When I arrived she was deep in labor-land and things were clearly progressing really well. Her amazing husband and friend/doula were already there with her and I knew that her midwife was following close behind me.

This film, which I'm very proud of does have actual moment-of-birth in it and shared with express consent by my client, but if you don't want to watch a baby being born don't watch this, simply scroll through the images instead! The Password for the Video is "Stacey"

The midwife, Brealin, listening to baby when she arrived.

A moment of pause between surges...
Women are so strong!

The wonderful thing about natural birth is the ability to move around freely and she certainly did!

Listening to baby's heart tones during a contraction...

As a person without tattoos, I won't like that I absolutely love photographing them!

A little pep talk from her midwife! She's so close!

Off to the shower for a few minutes to see if she can find relief. I shot this between the crack between the door and the jam... Birth photography is always a bit voyeuristic

This man was her ROCK the entire labor and in this one tiny moment, needed a beat to collect himself and feel all this work

She's pushing but her water bag is still intact so the midwife is holding a chux pad just in case!

Oh those strong surges bringing baby down!

Her bulging water bag coming just before baby's head!

Baby born at about 3pm... just 9 hours after her first cramps.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do as a birth worker and this mama's placenta was being really sticky so I tossed my camera aside and jumped up on the bed to support Stacey while she was squatting on the bed to try to bring the placenta out, we then laid back together and I held her hands and talked her through it! Thanks to her doula for snapping this for me!

Grabbed my camera back and shot this while still holding Stacey in my lap! Couldn't miss getting those placenta tour shots!!

Stacey's parents came a while after the birth to be there for the newborn exam


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