The Re-brand, the "why", and a bit more about me....

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

What you might expect to find here...

This blog, this new site, and creating space for it to take shape has taken time, patience, and a little help from my friends. I'm so glad you're here!

Hi! Everyone has to have the awkward, "welcome to my blog my post", so here is mine! My name is Nicole. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I'm in my middle 30's, a mom of two adorable and energetic children, wife to my husband Ryan to whom I've been married for nearly 14 years, #doula, #birthphotographer, yogi, massage therapist, and so many other labels.

My husband Ryan, my daughter Everley, my son Ellis, and me!

Why this blog, why now?

Writing a blog is something that I've semi-attempted a few times, but didn't really have a strong idea of my vision. Maybe it's that I'm older, maybe I've found my path, I don't know, but I finally feel that what I have to share is worth sharing.

This world we live in today is full of labels, some of the ones I listed above that pertain to me. But as a modern woman, I feel that the labels could go on and on. We, none of us, are just one thing. We are so many things and maybe above all else, we are simply #woman. I am a #mom, and will undoubtedly write about that experience. How could I not!? I'm a wife and have been for nearly all of my adulthood. I'm a #doula and vociferous in my support of birth choice and birth advocacy in our city and around the world! So yeah, you'll definitely find a lot of birth-related stuff here. I'm a #birthphotographer, so yeah, lots of pretty pictures of women doing the thing that women have always done!! And I'm a massage therapist so you'll see some things related to that as well. But beyond what I "do" I'm passionate about a lot of things. Cooking! Keeping a chemical-free home! Balancing the entrepreneur/mom life! Organic gardening! Attachment parenting! So yeah, be prepared for that too!

Two of my chickens... This is Beyonce and Debbie (I did not name them btw!)

My goal with this blog is to inspire, to encourage, to cheer you all on in your journeys! If you've got questions, or if you'd like me to blog on a specific topic, comment here! I hope that this is a place that you come to feel like you're having a conversation with your best friend, your confidant, maybe a sister. You'll find me to be brutally honest, I don't sugar coat anything, and I'm a real-life type of person. You will find very little besides my birth photography to be instagram worthy and I'm really good with that!

A family trip to Sedona, one of my favorite places!! A real-life family picture! LOL!


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