Birth of Jagger, an unmedicated hospital birth with a First Time Mom at Honor Health Scottsdale Shea

July was a busy month. A good busy. So I'm just getting around to writing down this beautiful birth story. And you'll want to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the reactions on these young parent's faces when they meet their "surprise" son....

A little backstory on this couple.. They hired me very early on. Something that as a #doula, I really appreciate. With first time parents, especially I like to have lots of time to build trust in our relationship and help them access all the needed resources available to help them have their best birth. Jonni, the mama, had her heart set on a natural birth. She 100% wanted to birth without an epidural. Her fiance was not so sure, but he was hugely supportive. They read all the things, took classes, and were really prepared. Jonni is very into fitness and wellness and exercised throughout her pregnancy and worked hard to prepare for a natural hospital birth.

It was mid-july and early in the morning I got a call that Jonni had started to have contractions. They were mild and they would check in with me later. Things were progressing well and I got another call, this time from Jordan, about mid-day and I could tell he was getting anxious so we made the decision that I should come over to check on things. This was the scene when I walked in... Mama doing great...

Getting up out of hands and knees was extremely challenging at this point and she was having a lot of "back labor" so I suggested heading to the bathroom to try a few techniques to see if we could convince baby to get into a better position.

To the toilet to do some belly lifts...

Then into the shower....

taking a deep breath while the water gets cool... If you live in phoenix you know what I'm talking about!

Mid-surge but staying hydrated

Jordan helped coach her through... But he was feeling ready to go!

Out of the shower and slowly starting to get ready to head to the hospital. She's having some bloody show and surges are getting close and strong for a while now.

Her mom came over and we all headed to the hospital..

It was rush hour, but they only live about 10 minutes away from Scottsdale Shea Medical Center so it wasn't to bad!

When we got there, triage seemed busy and it was of course, close to shift change so it was a bit chaotic and Jonni was in the thick of transition... 7 cm when she got checked!

Lying down was not her friend. She stayed there literally just long enough to get checked and have the monitors put on!

Our time in triage was, I'm not going to lie, infuriatingly slow... So we did A LOT of work in triage, a lot of hip squeezes, and a lot of breathing.

We finally get to a Labor and Delivery Room! She's nearly complete!

He held onto her the entire time! It was as if he was trying to give her his strength. It was beautiful

A little pep talk!

Time to push!

Her sweet mom was so there for her!

A pause between surges...

She did it! They did it! It was beautiful!

Grandma was really excited too! There was so much love in the room

You can tell from baby's molding on his head that he was a bit asynclitic and mama had to work HARD to get him out!

There's always something magical about when dads get to hold their babies for the first time an this was no exception

This warrior mama got help from her nurse... that first pee is always a thing...

This beautiful family will always hold a place in my heart. Baby Jagger was welcomed into the world with so much love with his mom and dad and two grandmas there. My doula-heart could not be more proud of this young couple for know what they wanted and going after it!

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