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Nicole supported me, my baby and husband to have a beautiful birth experience. She is knowledgeable, we created the best team possible for the best physical, emotional well round birth possible. I felt she was a strong and loving advocate for me and my baby. She is loving and passionate about what she believes and does for her clients. She pointed me in the right direction with a caring and loving lactating consultant from the wonderful Living Body Works team. It’s difficult writing a short review to cover all the support, patience and love I received through Nicole, not only was she awesome as my doula, but I know I can reach out to her at anytime. A wonderful human being! Thank you Nicole!!! God bless ❤️ We love you and your beautiful family❤️  


Nicole is amazing! I originally had no idea what a doula did or how they would benefit me in labor. My friend had a doula and highly recommended it. I looked into it later in my pregnancy and was recommended to call Nicole and she was so nice and we met up and just felt good about the decision and plus I wasn’t sure how much support I was going to have at the time of birth, but it was great I definitely wanted an epidural but had medical issues which made me wait a little bit and everything was happening so fast. Nicole helped me so much with different exercises and techniques to try to help with pain. She helped my husband feel more comfortable as well. Thank you Nicole you made my birth experience so much easier. 🤗🤗🤗


I loved my birth, and Nicole's support played a huge part in my healing VBAC. I had potential risk factors that ended up not affecting the baby or my pregnancy, but they were affecting my mental state. She helped me realize all was well when I was in the mid of my freak outs; she reminded me that none of the circumstances meant that I couldn't achieve my goals. Countless encouraging text messages, several tearful phone calls (crying on my end) and a few wonderful in person meetings with Nicole helped me prepare and accomplish the birth that I desired. She provided me resources and helped me make connections with other providers that helped my birth. She also includes several perks along with her doula package that other doulas don't. I'm done having babies, but if I was pregnant again, I'd go back to Nicole in a heartbeat. Plus, her prenatal massage was on point!  


I was really on the fence on hiring a doula. My first birth was in Germany, but really uncomplicated. Finances was the other question. After completely loosing my mind after various hospital visits, Nicole spent SO much time talking me off the ledge and I hadn’t even been able to commit to hiring her yet. 

Nicole and I clicked right away. She really listened to my needs and was there to walk me through what to expect from a hospital birth in the US. She was there with me flip flopping between home and hospital birth, made countless recommendations, was always available and helped me have the birth that I was hoping for.

From her magic hands in the prenatal massage, to countless messages, tears, laughs, beautiful birth pictures, talking me through my contractions and washing the blood and meconium off of me after birth - I couldn’t have asked for a better person on my birth team. She’s become a close friend and I am so happy we’ve crossed paths :). 


I never knew just how much we would appreciate and value having Nicole as our doula. No matter how birth goes, it feels so amazing to have someone who has participated in so many births to be your advocate and cheerleader during the experience. Nicole went above and beyond what we expected and I know that she made birth so much more of a positive experience. When we think back on the special day our daughter came into this world, we will never forgot how Nicole left such a irreplaceable impact in helping her be born. What a amazing support and ultimately, a positive influence on what can be a stressful experience. 

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