Nicole has been our doula for the birth of both of our sons, and I truly believe we would have not had the births we hoped for without her support.  I had so many questions during my first pregnancy, and I always felt like no question was too small or silly to ask Nicole, which gave me a lot of peace of mind going through the pregnancy.  We had an unexpectedly long labor, and I know it would have had a very different outcome without Nicole.  As first time parents, it was so reassuring to have someone there to encourage us and let us know what was and was not normal.  Nicole continued to check on us as I labored at home, and then came to the hospital with us, helped us through the triage process, and got us through the end of a very long unmedicated delivery (which was our hope).  I'm so grateful that, because of Nicole's support, I can look back on my first son's birth as affirming, positive, and empowering.    


After having one great birth experience with Nicole, I was excited to have Nicole help me plan for my second son's birth.  She had great recommendations about providers and birth options, and that guided me toward a second wonderful unmedicated hospital birth.  She helped me make the most out of the comfort measures available to me (particularly the birthing tub) and suggested a pushing position that ended up being amazing for that delivery.  The cherry on top is that she now offers birth and newborn photography, and she captured images that our family will cherish for a lifetime.  I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough to anyone looking for a doula (and I think everyone should have a doula)!    

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