I had been gently called to birth work for years before finally listening to the whispers of my heart. After the very long (40 hours), yet triumphant, home birth of my first child, my daughter, where I was surrounded by a team, nay family, of people who trusted my body and trusted birth so deeply, and followed just 3 months later by the traumatic birth of my best friend's daughter, I knew it was time. I signed up for my DONA training a couple weeks later knowing that this was the missing piece in the puzzle for me. I feel deeply that all women deserve to feel powerful, triumphant, educated and loved while they birth their babies. I want to know that anyone under my care will never feel like things just happen to them or their babies, but that choice and love is behind every breath of their birth experience, even when things don't go as planned. I'm a DONA International Certified Doula CD(DONA) as well as a professional member of Evidence Based Birth and strive to bring the very best in resources and education along with my years of experience as a doula, bodyworker and yoga teacher to each unique birth. 

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