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As the big day approached, I was nervous and calm all at the same time. Knowing I was going to have somebody whom has experienced  labor  more than once, made me feel at ease. When I began to have contractions (around 12:00pm), I immediately let Nicole know. She told me to keep track of them and to try to rest as much as possible just in case it was the big day. I slept for awhile. I took a walk and the contractions wouldn't go away!

Nicole arrived at my house around 7:00pm. We were timing the contractions and she massaged my back with oil, which felt so much better! By 8:30pm my contractions were 2 minutes apart, and we decided it was time to head to the hospital. By 11:00pm my contractions were already getting quite uncomfortable. She oriented me on my breathing, which helped sooo much!!! As soon as I got into the room, she filled the tub with water  and she put some oils in it. I got in it and relaxed immediately. I spent quite some time there, I would get in and out, she massaged my back in a way that the contraction would go away like magic. I remember her holding my hand and offering juice to me. We decided it was time to do something different to speed things up; using the bar from the bed and kneeling on the head of the bed she was there giving me support and motivating me. I was already 8cm. I didn't know pressure could be so painful, but thanks to Nicole I powered through, and at 5 am I began to push. We thought that everything was ready, but 2 hours of pushing later, no luck. The nurses told me I needed to rest in order to let the cervical swelling relax.

Nicole immediately put me back in the tub. I was so tired I slept through most of the next two hours. I had this terrible urge to push, but I couldn't.  It was the worst feeling!!  When I got out the tub, I felt like I couldn't do it anymore. She knew when to console me and when to give me the tough love. At 10:00am, I began to push again. I was extremely tired. I lost my voice.  I felt like I had no more energy. 2 hours later my baby was finally born! I can't thank Nicole enough for being an important part of my birth. Thanks to her, I had the natural birth I had dreamed of.  I highly recommend her to every expecting woman.  Nicole is Awesome!!

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