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I photograph births because women deserve to be able to look back and see themselves in the moment that they walked bravely and boldly (and sometimes a little nervously) into the fire of their labors, and see the times that they reached out to their loved ones for support and then emerged from the flames of that deep love as a new-made mother. That sacred transformation should be documented, as it is the most powerful thing in the world. Whether it's your first baby or any baby thereafter, each time a baby is born, a mother and a family are recreated. I have photographed births in all settings and am a Birth Becomes Her Certified Birth Photographer. I would love to document your birth and your unique family.

Birth Photography is not just about that "moment of Birth" picture. It is about the connections between loved ones, the first skin to skin, the first latch, the way a man looks into the eye's of the woman he loves as she works to bring their baby into the world, the first time a dad touches his newborn baby, capturing the reactions of siblings or other family  members as they meet their newest family member, the raw strength on a mama's face as she faces the strength of a surge, and so so much more. 

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